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domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

THE COMB from gold of SHIRACKAMPA. 3th part

The day came when all Sinchis of all communities and nations of Tawantisuyu be prepared to scroll to the Marka of Cajamarca and see in person to the color of water Bearded had dared to enter the territory ruled the Great Apu Inka Sapa . The bearers of the Grand Apu walks were well rested as they had to run fast carrying his master. At the same time all the runners took to the four suyu with the news that the Sapa Inka Marka be moved to the Cajamarca to meet with the rare men who had much facial hair.

They did so wearing the colors real quipus where he entered the news and other orders for the suyus Tucricuts respective orders for the various chores that fell aynis as planned for this year that possibly the great Mama Cocha overwhelmed by all the great chala.
In Canada, where were the hot springs, where he was the Grand Sapa Inca, was arriving the day before hundreds of acllas coming from various nations with many offerings and aromatic plants as well as to serve the great Apu Inka and their wives. They reached the beautiful acllas Coronguimarka the region known as the pallas, those of the region known as the Quiyayas from MOLLEPATA.

Were younger, many of them would not exceed twelve years and were chosen among the most beautiful of acllahuasis and that just existed in those Markas. Took them to work in many professions, such as help in their chores Coyas day or tell the traditions of their peoples, because in the acllahuasis learned many things they play when they reached adulthood, and also be given as Sinchi some wives who had excelled in battle or Inka sapa project. Sinchis especially the singles, because the only thing that could have several wives was only the Villac Humu and Sapa Inca Apu, the only two rulers of Tawantisuyu. They arrived and were received by the great Mamacona, which had grown from Atawalipa child because his mother had taken charge of directing the Tawantisuyu, by the sudden death of Apu Gran Inka Sapa Huaynac Kapak due to a fever that no shaman Kuraka not been able to decipher or cure. She reigned for many years until he re gathered all the elders and determine the succession of government.

The Mamacona was giving orders to every girl, which is what they had to do, some prepare the control of the Inca baths, others as assistants to the two Coyas, which were very smug and fought the love of the Inka. The two were of a different lineage, one belonged to the Panaka Pachakuti Inka Yupanqui and Tupac Yupanqui another. That rivalry was recent, since the death of Huaynac Kapak, who had chosen them as wives to sisters of the same Panaka, however were of different Panaka Atawalpa. Every one always boasted of their ancestors, as the most important in the history of his great nation and spent their days in endless discussions that sometimes ended in fighting them, even in the presence of the great toad Inka, who stopped to admire the skills in the struggles of their wives
and the winning of Qikyusisa from the panaka of Tupac Yupanqui and they said the princess, who had brought the great navigator of land beyond the Sea

She was noted for the whiteness of her skin and hair color of copper very different it was beautiful Yanacoya Panaka descendant of the oldest and most traditional Grand Pachakuti Sapa Inka. But he loved the beautiful Atawalpa Qikyusisa and according to the oracles of Great pachakamac Catequil and told him that Mother would be one of the greatest warriors to their villages Libertarian. But the thought of going to free them if they were not slaves of any Grand sinchi, or any Grand Apu Sapa which existed at the time, but that as Ruler of all nations of the world as he had for his Father the Tata Wilka . But such an idea he seethed that he had nailed the Huacas amautas such servers, but also feared, for all oracles that said such huacas became reality, so the assault of her fears destroy the huaca command in Icchal that Catequil remains in the Nation of Huamanchucos, former tributaries of the Sinchis Waris. The huaca Amauta that will echo a curse: "You will die in the hands unworthy of Yanas and criminals for destroying a sacred site, it took our ancestors and your people will suffer the ignominy of five hundred years people will destroy the Pacha savage breast waterless deserts become all forests. Open holes in liquid spilled everywhere and kill all the runes of a few without them knowing it. The days will be cloudy and Tata Wilka disappear forever till the coming of the new Condor to order and fight for their nations, tried to kill him and put you in a house of horror, where his life almost extinguished, but so breathless to be reborn destroy the wild for five hundred years they destroyed our nations for the offense of Atawalipa to Catequil our Protector. "Judgement that he had not commented on any of the Coyas, not to worry and tell of the warning he had made not to undermine the Oracle of Catequil. He hated that he berated his actions, because in them that if they disagreed. But that idea bothers him greatly and she began to get ready to go to see the Runes with facial hair, which smelled very awful, as if his body fired the most foul odors, but on the advice of the army not Sinchis was afraid because some animals that walked felt sorry for the burden they carried on their backs.

And in their bodies Runes Bourbons, wore a heavy metal that was laughing to see them walking. If it was very funny, as if they were ill of his testicles and his ass, and the babies when they are well cared for by his mother. This they said to their sinchis and they laughed heartily, making fun of those barbarians. Therefore advised not to fear them, for they were too wild about runes, who had no manners or even know the things of good food and good nutrition, because they looked very bad health.

Thus the beautiful Qikyusisa would not go the Marka of Cajamarca and preferred to stay in the Encañada and stayed with Pallas to talk of their nation and communities from which they came. But the cunning Yanacoya if get ready to travel with the sapa Inca and enlists his best clothes, especially to impress the Inka and curiosity to meet the Wild Bearded, and those that came mounted on a beast had impressed him greatly .

She had her dress color of the orchids grown in the nation of the Chachapoyas, where one of the daughters of that nation Sinchi was his friend and talked of the curiosities of their peoples.

It dawned a new day that would enter the Sapa Inka Marka. All were ready and had already made their papakashqui with toasted ñuñas Callanan. The Akllas followed the Coya to accompany the Sapa Inca, as he was the representative of Villac Humu. All nations with their heads and fittings Sinchis accompanying these, all were ready and unarmed. Just as the security entourage Inka sapa. All trainees were expected to go up to the litter all the major characters together with the Sapa Inca and advance on the road.

In that appeared Atawalpa, with the best of his clothes and arrangements of gold. What stood out was the Mascaikpacha and wand that had been relieved of Tawantisuyu every ruler since the founding of the great confederation of nations. He sat in his bunk and took forward signal, to which all carriers as a single will be put in place. They followed the Great Capak Yum or path of the Righteous, designed as the main communication channel, but it was contained all knowledge of astronomy, sciences, agricultural engineering, hydraulics and so on., Of the many years and thousands of years had the Andean man.
It was all paved, some yanas cleared the way by which had passed the Inka, was his custom and his duty to pay for the affront they had done in the past their ancestors and which they had removed the name and did not know that nation they belonged.
The Sapa Inka revels with plantings to be sighted in the countryside of this nation, they were all to be harvested and stored in drums. He followed the way in which the Runes stopped to see the procession pass, some their knees facing the ground out of respect and admiration for the ruler, the children remained with staring, as if wondering who will spend the owe much more respect. In the distance, we could see the stone buildings of the Marka and the complete silence that reigned in. To continue advancing the crowd was singing his songs for the start of festivities Tata Wilka in Cuzco, which presumably should go very soon. All danced and even those who had the litter of the Sapa Inca, the Coya, as well as the Sinchis of different nationalities, especially the Sinchi of Chincha, who was recognized as an accomplished navigator and merchant Tawantisuyu frontier. At the door stood out ungainly figure of one of the bearded Runes ...

to be continued...

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

Acllahuasi: EN LA CASA of the chosen, they were for sun worship or other Temples, for the service of the Inkas SAPAS deaths, there were chosen for secondary wives of the Sapa Inca.
Mark: is similar to people, as is La Bamba and other similar synonyms for the rune. The Runa Simi referred to the speech of the people.
MAMACONA: The largest and wise women who taught in acllahuasis was also serving the Coyas or Sapa Inka.
QIKYUSISA: white flowers.
YANACOYA: black princess.
TATA Wilkes Father Sun
Yanas: Runes no name, no nation.
PAPAKASHQUI: yellow potato soup with quail eggs and mint, which is an aromatic plant.
Ñuñas: special bean that is used to sample the soups.
Callanan: pot.

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