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viernes, 29 de mayo de 2015

The different

The different

Today in the news on TV today announced a very insignificant at first sight story.

On May 19, a US Treasury sheep a mother abandoned her newborn lamb daughter. The lamb baby was adopted by a dog that saved his life. While watching the video I wondered what could be the reason why a mother leaves her baby? In the film the healthy baby lamb, playful, plain .. Well looked almost normal! In a while I noticed and I realized that the flock of sheep with mother sheep had just all white or almost all white and very few of them had a black spot on this or that part of her body. But all, definitely all! They had white heads. The baby lamb had the misfortune / or who knows? - Bliss! / To be born with all black head and body all white. A strange phenomenon well symmetrical me personally it has amazed me but it made the sheep mother who abandoned her baby.

At the time I gave my mind that I thought: Why do you always hate those who are different? Are we afraid of them? Or do we fear ourselves?
Lack think more about it.

Sincerely Tanyita Yupanqui

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