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lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014



What we see and we have built up over centuries of Western knowledge , in the perspective of one thought , unilineal knowledge , is the logical foundation we have inherited from Aristotle. That allowed the West to have a significant advance in knowledge , but until the Renaissance were not able to solve many problems that should really solve it, your reasoning then was limiting them . It's very simple to recognize that the reasoning or way of thinking is what allows us to solve the riddles of life constant . If we make a parallel in a comparative table with the civilization of the Andean world , we better understand who the barbaric civilization and those years were far ahead of Greek civilization or European origin. This is not chauvinism or anything like that if you do not return to the reality that is where we come in truth. Since modern sophists with their talk , but now I do not use it if you do not resort to intimidation intimidation and even the attack on the lives of so frightening and cunning to impose what they believe or want us to believe as truth. Well it would be inconsistent with its position in the debate , lacking arguments to refute what we put them . If we for example the economic development of the Western world and the Andean world , as comparative contrasts we realize that everyone in the Western , could never solve hunger , the misery of countless generations who could not access their basic nutrition; opposite in Andean civilization if this acute problem was solved through science and technology. But the defenders of Western civilization would argue against me saying that the West was the most advanced civilization they knew the wheel , writing and printing. But that's not true , knowing the wheel , writing or printing is not an indicator of development of peoples
The only thought , one that aligns all that could have a divergent view of the official , making trite instrument of terror or intimidation are part of any kind of fundamentalism that will alienate the conduct of the mass, of course attacking the principle of free will . That is also the principle of dogmatism. This principled axiom of ideologies, in the sum of all is , even more strongly instrumentalized as capitalist ideology . When an ideology seeks to impose its criteria to all the reasons most without arguing or offering tautologies to try to discredit any hint of disagreement . But it is good to refer to history to see more clearly all this problem. Without going further into the Palestinian territories it conquered Rome , imposed the exercise of the religion of the conquerors in spite of Jewish monotheism or other coexisting in those territories of the Middle East .
This same as we report on religion with dogmatic assumptions and axioms imposes a type of behavior , but the main thing is that oriented towards the community not to question what they believe to be true. There tautology used as a strategy for them what they say is the absolute truth, so be inconsistency in its construction. Precisely dogmatic thinking is focused and based on the tautological arguments for greater understanding of this issue take for example the monotheistic religions that base all their actions on one argumentative literary tradition , which certainly does not resist an assessment of the arguments presented paw justify their actions. This coerce the free will of the people, distorting the criterion of truth. In a process of emotional crisis , loss of perspective of objectives or existential crisis happens to individuals at any stage of life

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