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jueves, 28 de abril de 2011



The Sapa Inka to his admission to the triangular square of Cajamarca Marka and the center came and ended the capac yum, in which other runes distinguished face full of hair and close them one more old man who was carrying furs cut in wood, which was hojeándola, as if they were speaking. He drove the entourage that completely filled the square and could make out the faces of visitors who saw them with fear and despair. Pututos and continued to play the horns and snails on the island of Puna chosen especially for the army which made known to all llactas approaching the official delegation of the great Sapa Inca.

Everyone looked at the runes hairs up their eyes and not feared at all, it seemed ludicrous clothing and mobs who stood and shone in the sunlight. The great Sapa Apu was with great contempt for those few men, it was approaching the Rune of hair and carrying a fur tree and another Rune of Tallan, the watch it, it was carved rune eses approach without offending the carry anything on their backs, because there was no separate chief or ruler, was only one bid, that was an affront to their dignity, but only showed a smile but with a gesture of contempt for the traitor, then find out that was called Felipillo , and the Bearded had put another name that of Esquivel.

Felipillo faced I was not showing his courage and went along with the bearded to the litter of Inka to tell the captain of the men who were there and who had come from beyond the beyond the great car, where they his sovereign and representing it came with tokens of appreciation and neighborhood. At his side the Sumac Ñusta her daughter said Tata Opa allowing that direct you to speak?, Send sacrifice the apu Katequil that no bid would dare to face it more to your majesty!

She was near the Apu Tiya Sapa, it was his favorite daughter, was not only beautiful if not dominating all forms of struggle and had beaten many of her cousins ​​who were struck down Huayna Sinchis with slingshots and rocks very large, but despite their skill and beauty not let courted by anyone, because I could not find anyone like her father, the great Sapa Inca Atahualpa Apu, but was once in love with Tupac Amaru Yupanqui, his most beautiful cousin, but he was only interested in looking at the stars and know the why of things, just lived next door to the elders, learning from them and sometimes went to the campaigns of his grandfather, more commitment, because he likes war.

The Inka received with contempt the news that's what they wanted and saw the bearded and were not a danger, and rather was curious to know their conduct and that is what they wanted in that place of Tawantisuyu.

At that moment the bearded said something to him to bid for Felipillo Esquivel and is directed to the Inka him know that aliens brought them a present for him and all his companions and please your worship to receive him, it was a gift The sovereign of the bearded brought him to her grace the fruits that are harvested from their lands where they were.

1. Llacta: large town or region.
2. Sumac Ñusta: beautiful princess.
3. Tiya: Inca throne.
4. Huayna sinchis: Young warriors.
5. Huaraca: Honda.

To be continued ...

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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