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martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010


In referring to the Apus we are referring to the leaders of the First Nations that follow the ancient traditions of all our nations, which have many features that detached from the description that may be similar in the Western world. In the tradition continues Amazon also identifying the fittest within the original core of the nation, its qualities you should be responsible for the political, economic and administrative herself, nor is there from the legation hereditary. You must be ready to be always ahead of the needs of their nation and never leave and be at risk his own integrity, which incidentally is sheltered by the best men of his nation who would give their life for his Apu, because he represents the summary of the qualities of its people. The same happened to a brother Awajun faced the bullets of the servants of the Creoles, National Police call them bad, just the chance he would not die in the act by the numerous holes in the murderous bullets received, but also fell with the other brothers for trying to protect him with her body, because they had no more weapons than his hands. This could start until the murder weapons of mercenaries native state, to give of their own medicine, knowing that we are brothers who have fallen off and alienated as they are, they do not know what their true nation, having the same skin and the same soul that all of us.

In the Andean tradition is very different because the Sapa Apus are appointed from the existing Kuna Capac an ancient tradition for over five centuries, a practice that has survived despite the existence of the extirpation of idolatry and persecution against the traditions of our people. Just has remained untouched by his anonymity in which they have continued to develop. But the other part is the description of the sinchis who are the leaders of the hatun runa and after being appointed Apu Sapa dependent, it also follows the tradition of appointing the fittest within the community, quite distinct from Sapa Apu has to be Kuna Capac lineage. The peculiarity in Sapa Apu, who despite belonging to a family of Inca lineage, and be the fittest among all, has to be chosen by the visions that have the Yatiris and sages and lie with him the omens of the legends that are protected by the oral traditions of the Quechua and Aymara and are transmitted from generation to generation. But by no means an indicator that it can no longer lead his nation and its liberation. Inkarri In the tradition of many Western historians comment referred to the union of the parties that was cut last Apu Inka Sapa by Hispanic hordes that ravaged and their descendants continue to plague the West, that it would re-join. Feeling they continue to nations and peoples who have not lost their identity. Those who have lost, are guided by their historical memory, as is the case of villages that are located in the central region of what was the Chinchaysuyu, very different from the peoples of the north are the bravest warriors, I native rulers have found what is the nation's native Ecuador. In the south, what is now Bolivia have been careful to appoint a ruler like Apu Sapa, as this would have been a sacrilege to the memory of our ancestors, this can only be imposed as tocapu blessing, which was prepared to the original image to have in place. But he was not imposed mascaipacha, only imposed the headband bearing all sinchis as representing their authority coming of Apu Sapa.
This introduction makes reference to the intentions of two brothers for access to the occupation of Western authority.

The first is a former scholar educated at the University of Harvard, with its laurels intellectuals believe they have the right to represent the original nations. Nobody takes the merits that can be found in Western science, but is unaware that the process by which indigenous peoples are experiencing and especially the Amazonian where appropriate, and also has a mistaken view that we need, which is counterproductive to the original motion.

The second is a brother who leads an organization that represents mostly Amazonian nations, referring him have his latest winding road that left the struggle of peoples to go to live comfortably in Nicaragua, and then return. Most striking is his return and as if by some wonderful ended judicial political persecution, more about who the leaders today, which do not grant any license if they have not gained much greater privileges than those granted. And precisely the APRA, they are not known for their generosity in politics, the opposite is the antipodes, and more knowing how to handle the judiciary at will, so it's amazing what this brother has obtained concessions from the judiciary. There had to be concessions from the brother, who is now translucent and their appetites as electioneering and also assume betray the brothers who can make echo and chorus.

So my answer to the brothers who desperately seek a lifeline within the Western framework. We know it will be impossible to obtain because everything is nothing but a fool boys and the brothers who think we are betraying them, are nothing more than the figurehead for the betrayal of our peoples to consolidate. Our Hope can not die, for it must turn to our traditions, to the advice of our Yatiris, Amautas and Elders in our communities. This is my advice, as I am.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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