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viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010

The trap of the right of consultation. Indigenous peoples.

The trap of the right of consultation. Indigenous peoples.

As always, the inexperience of many of our leaders of indigenous communities, have been involved in the trap and Legalese with the complicity of many who now are countless triumph. APRA is not in vain, now many will recognize the essence of evil, to have always served the interests of imperialism, since it was founded, only to murder manipulate consciences consciences of slaves who inhabit this territory to give to their masters as the empire located in the north.

I have not seen such foolishness board, with the bill passed in Congress. I wonder if Denis Pashanase, Hosea Barbaran, Antolin Huascar, Mario Palacios and others who claim to represent indigenous peoples and indigenous, were on their best day or had been brought into force, after several sessions of ayahuasca. Greatly as unworthy of these men are acting against the defense of our people, or is there complicity with transnational lobbying. Well, in legal terms, a word changes everything, and here comes the trap of those who have proposed the text of the bill that we wish to impose. And he remarked to understand the brothers that we want to take for a ride and now with the blindness of our leaders. And it highlights the text so that it can understand and perhaps reverse:

Article 2 .- The right to consultation
It is the right of indigenous peoples or originating to be consulted in advance on a legislative or administrative measures which directly affect their collective rights, their existence is physical, cultural identity, quality of life and development. Also must carry out consultation on the plans, programs and projects of national and regional development that directly affect these rights.

The consultation referred to this law is implemented on a compulsory basis only by the state.

Article 3 .- The purpose of the consultation
The purpose of the consultation is to reach an agreement or consent between the state and indigenous peoples or originating on a legislative or administrative measures that affect them directly, through an intercultural dialogue to ensure their inclusion in decision-making processes of the State action and respectful of their collective rights.

In none of the articles refers to the right of possession and ancient heritage of the territories occupied since the origin of native peoples. They will not be so stupid to dictate any legislative behemoth, both administrative and legal, involving the threat of life, such as the Western bourgeois state understands it, for it and have their output in the previous bill movements. The latter bill will be implemented later, will it make indigenous peoples are displaced from their territory and put in another place where the culture originated. Thus the terms in which it is exposed this bill empowers him and makes viable the previous intention. And even more than we're used to not prevent the Government's intentions Duty seeking pave the way for the looting by MNCs is more fruitful. Added to this is that state entities will be to validate if the indigenous people in a position to right to be consulted and how we see, no ministry of the bourgeois state recognizes all indigenous people when their rights are infringed, the text puts it well clear, in no doubt that this article will be a tool to disregard the rights of peoples settled in a territory since ancient times:

Article 10 .- Identification of indigenous peoples to be consulted or originating
The identification of indigenous peoples to be consulted or originating must be made by state agencies that promote the legislative or administrative measures on the basis of the contents of the proposed action, the level of relationship with indigenous people and the territorial scope its scope.

There is the trap that none of our representatives has noticed and with which we are now more vulnerable than before.

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